About Micah Krock

I'm a single dad living in Portland, Oregon. Besides my kids, I never stop thinking about new painting ideas. It's my lifeblood. My secret energy inside that propels me forward into the unknown. Good or bad, I learn from every surprise while painting.

I graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2001. In college, I concentrated on drawing and painting figures and portraits. I found that the true likeness of my subjects was not achieved by copying their appearances realistically, but rather by exaggerating their features a little with an expressive stroke, to really capture the core essence and play with how they "really" looked to me.

I still love painting the portrait and figure, but since moving to Portland in 2003, I have also found inspiration in the bridges and buildings of it's cityscape. Applying some of the same expressive and exaggerated techniques, I have created portraits of buildings full of character and added a living energy to the stationary bodies of bridges.

I like to let the structures dance. 


Current Gallery Representation

Portland, OR

    Steel Door Gallery

    2412 NW Raleigh Street

    Portland, OR 97210



San Luis Obispo, CA

    Just Looking Gallery

    746 Higuera Street #1

    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401




Past Exhibitions


Spring 2017

Permanent installation of seven urban landscape paintings of the surrounding city

Lawfirm in Urbana, Ohio

July-August 2016
"Celebrating Portland"
Geezer Gallery, Artist Repertory Theatre


June 2015

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

“Best in Open show” winner with “The Expert”

Other Portrait work on display as well

Feb-Mar 2015 Gallery @ The Jupiter Hotel, Portland, OR

July 2010 Trusses Gallery, "Urban Landscapes" show Portland, OR

May-July 2007 Filbert's, solo cityscape show, NW Portland, OR

Dec 2006-Feb 2007 Siam Society, featured artist, Portland, OR

Spring 2006 Gallery 7126, featured artist, Portland, OR

March 2004 Gallery 7126, featured artist, Portland, OR

Spring 2003 Private gallery show Powell, OH